Why Learning to Fly Is Easier Than You Might Think

Flying is something that has held the fascination of many people throughout the ages, and now with modern airplanes, it is easier and more attainable than ever before. Still, not many people ever even think that they would be able to get behind the controls of an airplane themselves, but that is where you would be wrong. Flying an airplane is a very attainable goal with one simple qualification: a private pilot license. Here is how you can start your journey to becoming a certified pilot able to fly your friends and family around the entirety of the United States.

Private Pilot Course

There are two types of licenses when it comes to flying a plane: commercial licenses and private pilot licenses. As you can probably tell, if you want to make flying your career in any form (whether you carry cargo, passengers or anything else) you need a commercial pilot's license. The good news is that most people who become commercial pilots start with a private pilot's license first, which is a qualification that allows you to fly planes with passengers and to any location as long as you are not doing it for profit. A private pilot license is much easier and that is the one that you should be aiming for.

Certain Qualifications

Before you can get off the ground and into the sky, you will need to pass some basic qualifications which are generally about your age and health. You have to be at least 17 and in most cases 18 before you are able to fly, and pass a basic physical. Different states or counties may have additional regulations, but those are the main two, so unless you have any serious medical conditions, you should be set to get started on your private pilot course.

The Actual Course Itself

A private pilot course will combine theoretical knowledge on the ground with flight time in the air. Before you fly, you will be shown detailed instructions of the layout, how to operate basic mechanical and electrical inputs and the general theory of flight in a plane, so you understand how to keep yourself in the air. After that, you will be accompanied during your mandatory hours of training (this can vary across states and counties too) before you have one last test with a certified professional. If it sounds a lot like your driving test that is because it is, and many people realize that learning how to fly a plane is no more threatening or scary than getting behind the steering wheel of your motor vehicle.