College Dropout Who Excels At Customer Service? Consider Becoming A Real Estate Agent

Many people take a while to figure out what career path to take. Not everyone knows what they want to do right out of high school. Sometimes, people who enroll in college don't finish their studies to get a degree. In fact, the dropout rate for undergraduate students is a whopping 40%. One of the biggest hurdles college students have that causes them to drop out is financial struggles. Some take on jobs as cashiers to help make ends meet and to have spending money. Sometimes, a job as a cashier or other type of customer service-related job can lead them to realize they excel at customer service.

If this sounds like you—consider becoming a real estate agent. Here's how.

Why Become a Real Estate Agent? 

Someone who excels at customer service and is well-liked can be a terrific real estate agent. Customer service skills that come naturally can greatly benefit a real estate agent due to their income generally being from commissions of the real estate sales they close on. Excellent customer service skills are highly sought after by real estate brokerage firms. If you excel in your customer service job, becoming a real estate agent can take your income to a new level.

The Process of Becoming a Real Estate Agent 

In order to be a real estate agent, you need to become licensed by your state. Part of the licensing process involves ensuring that you know the various laws regarding real estate transactions in your state. To obtain a license, you will need to take a real estate agent license course specific to your state. The amount of time that goes into these courses varies from state to state, so you'll need to research what your state's requirements are for obtaining a license to be a real estate agent. 

Generally, the steps are as follows:

  1. Take a real estate agent course
  2. Take an exam for licensing
  3. Submit an application to become licensed
  4. Join a local or state-wide brokerage

Depending on your state, you can become a licensed real estate agent in just a fraction of the time it would have taken you to complete a degree. In some places, you can do some of the courses online in your spare time. That way, you can continue working to cover your bills while you invest in your future and do the course to become a licensed real estate agent.