The Humanities Are Important

Education in recent years has pivoted away from the classic liberal arts education and toward "practical" training and careers. In particular, courses that fall under the heading of the "humanities" seem to have fallen out of favor as being totally unnecessary for success in life. This philosophy is incorrect. Studying the humanities offers a number of benefits.

Cultural Responsibility

Courses that teach you about the history of human thought, culture, and art encourage you to do your civic duty. Through classes in music, literature, and philosophy, you learn that you have a responsibility to promote charity, learning, empathy, and "civility." Although these attributes may not directly advance your career, they help you live a meaningful life. The humanities also help you to understand that being successful is not only a financial issue. 

Critical Thinking

The study of the humanities teaches you not to automatically accept what you are told. Many of the worst events in human history have come about, in part, due to citizens following demagogues who told them what to think. A humanities education gives you the tools to evaluate information through research and logical thought. As a result, you are less vulnerable to falsehoods and half-truths. Of course, critical thinking skills serve you well in your career since they help you solve any type of problem. 

Career Preparation

Although you may believe the humanities are not practical, they give you a solid educational foundation that allows you to be successful in other educational fields. Humanities classes can help you do well in medical school, law school, and other graduate programs. All careers demand an understanding of human nature and human interactions. In particular, being a "well-rounded" person will make you a superior doctor. The ability to reason and think critically is certainly necessary to be an effective attorney. Psychologists, counselors, teachers: any number of vital careers require a sound understanding of individuals and their cultures. 

If your passion is for computer science or physics, you may think taking a course in world history or American literature is not necessary for your future. However, a rich and varied educational experience serves to make you a better and more empathetic human being while preparing you for success in all of your endeavors. These courses enrich your life in numerous ways and give you the tools to grow intellectually and culturally throughout your life. Immerse yourself in them while you have the chance. 

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